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      96     Constitution PartyTexas Integrity, Liberty, & Prosperity! Dear Fellow Patriots,  Our dear friend, Floyd Whitley, previous State Chairman of the Constitution Party Idaho. Please let me hear from you and how you find this information. My email is at the end. Now. Here is Floyd. Previous Essay-Political Repositioning The previous essay proposed a political repositioning of conservatism, a radical departure toward a working interface with the American public that is beyond the stereotypic extreme reactionary. This commentary extends that discussion. If conservative thought is ever to be accepted as valuable insights in the future, it must be reconfigured now. The route it is taking leads to perdition.   The last essay embraced a more active role by conservatives, for example, using conservation as a key position. Benefits exist. First, achievable solutions to “global warming” may be gotten near term with wiser stewardship (i.e. conservation). And this benefits all, left or right, young or old. Second, workable solutions that move beyond the prevailing internecine stalemate of American politics will only serve to strengthen the conservative brand. Simple solution providers. Those are both good things. The satellite heat image of Prague in the previous essay illustrates that by improving our city-scape environments with added greenways and parks can make urban areas more livable...and less heat generating. While this may be a low-tech solution, it is relatively cost-efficient. No, it is not a panacea. Few things are. But such cooperative involvement (which conservatives have heretofore all but ceded) can rebuild public trust in conservative views. Reestablishing Trust Reestablishing trust is crucial in an age where an entrenched public now routinely talks around each other, and often over each other. Bullhorn to bullhorn shouts fail to talk to each other with reason. Yet our nation was conceived in the Age of Reason (or Enlightenment). It desperately needs participation of classical conservativism. For without reason, our nation cannot possibly stand. The default position of the American conservative has been to deny and to label. Regardless, anthropomorphic climate change remains. Mounting evidence (at least anecdotally) suggests real environmental consequences are resulting from our heedless development. In just one example, treating people for third degree burns who fall to the ground in the urbanized American southwest is now commonplace. Strings of high temperature records are also commonplace. This ain’t grandpappy’s climate anymore. Not to Beleaguer Our purpose here is not to beleaguer global warming. It is to encourage a redraft of conservative platforms and priorities, to move away from confrontation and move toward cooperation. Conservatives in general have been non-participatory. In issue after issue, they’ve been against for so long they no longer know what they are for anymore. Operating politically from natural strongpoints is strategic and wise. Conservatives ought to be for that. Rock-ribbed conservationists. Conservation subject matter ought to be absolutely owned by conservatives. We are Scripturally charged to be good stewards of our Earth. But by denials and refusals, conservatives cede what should be their keep. And America is deprived of the enormous wealth of conservative environmental ideation brought about by an ill-thought decision to refuse to engage. To borrow from Irish Labour Party and trade unionist James Larkin (1904-1969), “We are living in momentous times.” True. And this is irrespective of his ideology. Most who live in momentous times fail to recognize them as such. It is a matter of perspective...one can’t see the forest for the trees. A folk axiom about boiling a frog is also appropriate. The frog will jump out of a hot pot. On the other hand, incremental increases go unnoticed until the frog is cooked just the same. If history is a guide, momentous times are very much like that; almost imperceptible to those living in them. Examples Global warming is one example. Historical revisionism is another. In a word, history is being rewritten, or falsified, as we speak. To justify this or that ideology, an alteration of history is not just inappropriate, it is deception. Conservatives who hew to Scriptures are under strict command against this. “You shall not add to the word that I command you, nor take from it.” Deuteronomy 4:2. This does not conflate our republic with the kingdom of God, but politically speaking we do continue to witness wholesale revision of American heritage as all manner of apocrypha are appended and numerous chapters are removed. This is destructive of our core unity. To defend against that, conservatives must individually take up the study of our nation’s foundation, of our documentary evidence. Only a well-informed public can brace against contextual erosion under revisionism. If the foundation is undermined, the superstructure cannot stand. The left has been far more “creative” in its revisions, but the extreme right has its own as well. Often alleged in environmental issues, for example, is that no restraints on capitalism exist regardless of how abusive it manifests itself. But was this the view of our Founding Fathers? Not if one reviews the Articles of Association, the template for the creation of our revolutionary nation. Many a conservative will voice the sobriquet “Socialist!” at anyone who suggests regulations, or who suggests boycotts and so on. Too few are aware of the Articles of Association, which was signed October 20, 1774 about two years prior to our Declaration of Independence. The Articles bear the signatures of colonial delegates—George Washington, Patrick Henry, Samuel Adams, Roger Sherman, John Dickenson...and more. Capitalist controls were indeed set forth, to ward against abuse. For example, Section 9, declares “Such as are venders of goods or merchandize will not take advantage of the scarcity of goods, that may be occasioned by this association, but will sell the same at the rates we have been respectively accustomed to do, for twelve months last past.” Section 13, declares “That all manufactures of this country be sold at reasonable prices, so that no undue advantage be taken of a future scarcity of goods.” Their concern was the well-being of their fellow Americans. If only subsequent generations followed its words! As and aside, the Founding Fathers also envisioned an emancipation in the Articles of Association at Section 2. “We will neither import nor purchase, any slave imported after the first day of December next; after which time, we will wholly discontinue the slave trade, and will neither be concerned in it ourselves, nor will we hire our vessels, nor sell our commodities or manufactures to those who are concerned in it.” This is contrary to the many accusations posited in our time against our forebears. Yes, it is true they did not follow through. History is what it is. But when wrongly revised to cover up or to accuse, that is no longer history. It is fiction. Scott Copeland  State Chairman scott.copeland@constitutionpartytexas.org Constitution Party Texas You received this email as a subscriber to Constitution Party of Texas www.constitutionpartytexas.org ©2023 Constitution Party of Texas - All rights reserved.  

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    Our dear friend, Floyd Whitley, former Chairman of the Constitution Party of Idaho, shared this article with me. He has given me permission to share with CPTX. A satellite image of Prague, Czech Republic (June 2022) shows the effect of simple low-tech measures to combat urban heat islands. Measures like greenbelts.  These beautify the cityscape, make places more livable and ultimately enhance real property values.   Something so simple can be effective in cooling down the urban solar furnaces (concrete, asphalt, glass, steel and parking lots).  Yet to hear the extreme rightists tell it, you’d think it was a communist plot.  Narrowminded litmus test ideas support a mutant form of rapine capitalism, a clear prescription for hell-on-earth.  The Prague map speaks to that.  Judas Iscariot, I remind, was also a capitalist.  Albeit one willing to trade salvation and honor for geld.  That world view has been condemned many times over by Christ. In fairness, the far left’s ideas to fix things like global warming always seem to involve multi-departmental, enormous and endless public funded schemes that involve more and more bureaucrats and less and less achievements.  Whereas simple solutions, such as greenbelts, go a long way in resolving some of the immediate problems of our archaic urban land use development.  So I get it.  But we nevertheless have those heat maps that must be dealt with somehow.  They serve to demonstrate the outcome of careless land use, sacrificing all before an idol built by greed.  Mankind’s honor is offered up to Ba’al as we sacrifice our children and theirs, and those yet to be for nothing but greed...a cardinal sin to be sure.  To have honor, one must be honorable.  Selling souls and indenturing the future to a hot hell-on-earth is anything but honorable.  Cliché arguments by rightists that zoning ordinances are communist plots widely miss the mark.  And they do nothing to resolve what is becoming more and more an existential threat.  Nor does ideology-by-rote truly fix most any issue.  True conservatives must also be conservationists.  As Ross Perot once said, “The activist is not the person who says the river is dirty. The activist is the person who cleans up the river.”    The minds of our ideologues are made up, however.  Quoting John Milton’s Satan in Paradise Lost:  “A mind not to be chang'd by Place or Time. Can make a Heav'n of Hell, a Hell of Heav'n. To reign is worth ambition though in Hell: Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heav'n.”   Milton’s key phrase summarizes the all too common ideology of America’s extreme right.  To reign is worth ambition though in hell?  Better to reign in Hell, than serve in heaven?  God forbid!  But this is what we have been reduced to today. In challenging the extreme right’s ideology, note:  three types of land exist—state, private, and commons.  Thank God, for the commons.  And the Prague June 2022 heat map shows as much.  Whether we accept it or not, all of us are charged under Scriptures to be good stewards of this earth.  We have been given dominion over it, yes.  And therefore, we are liable for heedless damage done while Mother Nature is under our care.  It is not so much that “Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, nor Hell a fury like a woman scorned.” [William Congreve, 1697].  It’s more a matter of our respective honor, our obligations.  To him whom much has been given, much is required, the Apostle Luke wrote. As for Nero fiddling some ideological tune while Rome burns?...not so much.  The heatmap of Prague visually explains quite a lot of a more complicated science on this subject.  Greenbelts in Prague lowered June 18, 2022 ambient temperatures inside the urban area by as much as 7°C (~12.6°F) versus concurrent heat from fully built over locations.  If a net reduction of 12.6°F can be gotten simply by grass athletic fields, greenways and parks, this is one of the quickest immediate and cost effective means to ameliorate the urban heat pump.            

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      96     Constitution PartyTexas Integrity, Liberty, & Prosperity! Hello my fellow Texans Greetings from the greatest state party – Constitution Party Texas. We may not have ballot access…but it is within our grasp. Will you help be the solution to our ballot access need? Details coming soon. I know patriotic, constitutionalist Texans will never stick their heads in the sand. We fight for all Texans’ rights, freedoms, liberties, and the pursuit of happiness. So let us not merely complain about the issues but offer genuine resolutions to secure our rights in Texas. ELIMINATING PROPERTY TAX Eliminating property taxes is achievable this legislative session. However, I have it on good authority it will not happen. Republican and democrat candidates are elected to do what we demand, not what their party bosses desire. So, let's demand it. During the governor’s debate, Abbott said he wants property taxes eliminated and would fight for it. He went on to say this taxation amounted to slavery for Texans. Then the tweeting started about the Governor’s plan of action to fix property taxes. Read it on his website. Thirty-four pages later, no property tax elimination. Have you heard anything else from the Governor? No. ELIMINATE THE NEED So, I decided to give real solutions. Three of these solutions were offered by a former Republican in the House,  who served as a member of the freedom caucus.  He is a Constitutionalist. Three step solution: Allow teachers to get their own insurance policies and retirement programs. Teachers strive to teach self-dependence. They should be an example to our children. Texans would save $80 billion. Eliminate the current curriculum and stupid “test” being used in the public school system. Texans would save $80 billion. Medicaid reduction of $80 billion. Texans save $80 billion. This would eliminate the yearly need for property taxes. This would eliminate the yearly need for property taxes. ADDITIONAL STEPS Now I will offer some additional steps which will aid schools. First, a one percent sales tax added to the current state sales tax to go straight to the ISD’s for curriculum. Second, the elimination of property taxes will eliminate the need for anything associated with property taxes. This would further aid schools in salary increases for teachers and old fashion curriculum cost. Lastly, there is currently a bill heading for the State Senate providing incentives for the film industry. Claims are the funds generated could be $1 billion to the state. So let’s use any funds generated from this to aid in eliminating property taxes. REMEMBERING WHY Texans, WE must remember the Revolutionary War, and why it was fought. At the end of the day, it was over a four-cent stamp tax. The King of England insisted on keeping the tax. The colonists said no. “Give me liberty or give me death!” Texans, WE must remember the Texas Revolutionary War. Santa Anna dissolved the state government and the Mexican constitution, naming himself as the President Dictator of the Mexican states. This included Texas. Texans fought for their freedom from being taxed and losing their property. “Remember the Alamo! Remember Goliad! God and Texas!” Texans, WE must remember why the civil war was fought. Whether you look at the war as a slavery issue, or as a state rights issue, it dealt with bondage and destroying the freedoms, rights and liberties of all men. For all men are created equal. Any normal, rational person sees Texans as renters to the State of Texas. We do not own our land as long as this property tax remains in place. We cannot realize our dream of a free people and society. We cannot accept buy downs or adjustments to current law. The time has come to stand and scream at our state representative and senators, “Give me liberty or give me death! Remember the Alamo, Goliad, God and Texas, for all men are created equal!” Scott Copeland  State Chairman Constitution Party Texas You received this email as a subscriber to Constitution Party of Texas www.constitutionpartytexas.org ©2023 Constitution Party of Texas - All rights reserved.  


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    Congratulations to the Constitution Party of Texas State Chairman and State Treasurer!               The new year has started with thunder in Texas. Scott Copeland, Chairman of the Constitution Party of Texas, had petitioned the national Personhood Alliance to begin an affiliate in Texas. After the vetting process was completed, the Personhood National Executive Board gave its unanimous approval for the startup. Copeland was named President and Kristie Van Eaton, Treasurer of the Constitution Party of Texas, was named Vice President.             Copeland stated, “We are overwhelmed by the Personhood organization decision. Personhood is the essential right to have human rights from the point of conception thru natural death. Our political party and the Personhood Texas stand together on the issues facing an individual in our state, nation, and world.”             The new Personhood Texas will begin the process of forming two Personhood entities in Texas. Kristi Van Eaton indicated one will be a political action committee and the other an educational organization. “We will begin seeking opportunities within the Christian church to share the message of Personhood as defined in the Bible,” remarked Scott Copeland.             Copeland, a Christian minister, and former Presidential candidate completed his comments. “The church has become idle in a world of secularism. The Christian voice of life has been successfully muted by a worldly message of pro compromise and death. It is time we revive the message of life within the church and the upcoming legislative session in Austin will be next.”   (Please copy and paste the following announcement. Share with your minister and church; local radio and TV stations; and your state senator and representative)   (Further information about these two organizations may be obtained at personhood.org and constitutionpartytexas.org) (Contact Scott Copeland at email scott.copeland@constitutionpartytexas.org)