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We are feeling out if we can fill a need for our customers:

Branded apparel for your business!


Ever get tired of:

The expensive, massive bulk orders?

Having to limit your garment colors?

A multicolor design being too costly?

Not being able to get the right size in your color?

Ending up with a bunch of certain size/color combos in your storage because no one wears it?

Not being able to get just a few garments, after you’ve already ordered, or for that new hire?

Having to pay to have your logo redone because it wasn’t a special format?


If you have your logo in a high resolution transparent background PNG, PDF, etc – you’re all set.

If you do need a design, we can handle that for $250 (you get 2 art revisions and a printed sample).

Most printed tee shirts would land just south of $16, hoodies $28, and we can do other apparel and even specific cuts/fits.

Shipping would start as low as $5 for a single garment, going up fractionally from there - it’s very cost effective.


You will have your own digital dashboard to place your orders when you want for your setup items, and pay right there online.

We’re excited that we’ve found the ways to take the headache out of what was once an overbearing task for your business.

Order to delivery, you can expect to have items in less than 12 days.

Want branded inventory to sell? We have you covered there too.


Contact Paul Buisson if you feel this is a fit for you.


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          Branded apparel for your business