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NOW is the time for all good AMERICAN PATRIOTS to come to the aid of your country. Summer Soldiers nor Sunshine Patriots need not apply.  

We are at the end of the Republic if we do not step up NOW.  The November 3, 2020 election was stolen from the OBVIOUS winner, President Donald J. Trump.  We cannot abandon him now.  There are a number of ways to act.  

We have found that a lot of money was squandered by local elections officials, given by Mark Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla Chan through the dubious Center for Tech and Civic LifeHelp America Vote Act (HAVA) does not allow for private funds to be injected into our elections systems.  So we are tracking down how much money was given to our local Election Commissions and how it was spent, and to learn more about any election meddling. 

We need more public scrutiny and we want folks to volunteer for TRAINING on how to do that. We must resolve the steal of November 3, 2020.  And there are so many ways to help with that effort.  Right now in Maricopa County, Arizona is an ongoing complete audit of 2.1 MILLION BALLOTS.

If you need encouragement to be an activist, Tea Party Patriots is encouraging folks to host Home Parties to view the film "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington."  Even though it is quite dated, the swamp is even deeper, wider and filthier than in the 1930’s when it was filmed.

Going forward, we need training in many areas, precinct committee delegates, poll watcher, poll workers, and much more.  As time goes on, needs will reveal themselves. So stay tuned.  We have been asleep at the wheel, now we must get up and go after those who have been full steam ahead to destroy America.

Do we have any takers?

Money Plans to Steal our Elections