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Here is the start of our 10 Week Lecture on Mississippi Corruption and the Political Influences that make us the #1 Most Corrupt State in the Nation and Steal our state's resources for outside and Global interests. 

Hopefully when you watch the video and read the article you will engage in the Blog area with your thoughts. I'll be able to fill in the blanks and help everyone understand the basics. It will also be helpful for me to expand and or modify the next week's material so everyone can keep up. helps build local groups with their own teams of researchers. But they are your groups. We got in trouble because powerful people took advantage of their public positions. You're going to hate to see trusted people be exposed but they are stealing so much from you. Including our country as we all now see. 

Once we are all educated on who the bad guys are , Mscivicsproject has the people who can show us how to change things and to investigate and help prosecute the guilty. It will be a team effort. Let's get started.        


This is a long and twisted story of globalist control and corruption. So I'm doing it in small pieces.Your welcome to ask questions as we go because as you see the names and how they are connected you will see the corruption here in Mississippi clearly. First we will show what is wrong and broken. Then we will propose actions already in progress that will fix the issues and return our States resources back to the people.   

The Start:

Zuckerbucks, George Soros And The “Movie Script"

.....Bongino Ep. 1627  start at the 20:00 time mark.....end 30:00

The WSJ Article:

This Bongino Video Leads to this WSJ Article from 2017 By Glenn Simpson and Mary Jacoby-The article below was written and published in The Wall Street Journal on April 17, 2007. It was written by former WSJ journalists by the names of Glenn Richard Simpson, and his wife, Mary Jacoby, who co-founded Fusion GPS. This article could be a script for the Trump Russia Dossier setup. Find out more in Dan Bonginos new book= [Exonerated: The Failed Takedown of President Donald Trump by the Swamp]


Ok Here is the article that was published in the Wall-Street Journal April 17, 2007. Now this is an overview of the WSJ article by Dan Bongino and Mark Levin.The entire story is here but with the added insights of two well known National media figures. 


How Lobbyists Help Ex-Soviets Woo Washington - The Thinking Conservative

MScivicsproject is concerned primarily with Mississippi and Mississippi Politics. Yet in my last 10 years of research, I have found a lot of globalist ticks attached to our corrupt Mississippi Political Mutts. 

Now this is the beginning of our 10 Week explanation of how we were indoctrinated ,manipulated, and criminally robbed of our state's resources. The Barbour Family, Butler-Snow Law firm, and MSGOP are at the base of the activities. Yet MSGOP has some great people in it. There are a lot of people in a lot of different positions from support to actual public officials that got sucked in and are now over their heads and complicit. But the fact remains that Mississippi has been generationally corrupt. Now that Biden is in office we see a real threat to our America. We are going to have to wake up fully, team together in fellowship, and do the hard work necessary to drive out the evil men who are stealing our freedom. ...Robert 


>>>Now for those who want to read ahead here is some links that will be covered next week. Plus I'm going to post a second overview tomorrow going paragraph by paragraph and commenting on the WSJ article that I posted above.

.....Here is a link showing what can happen,when you have corruption.People defend Haley Barbour to me often, they say "Sometimes you have to negotiate and get what you want later". OK we all know that's true. But when you work actively to advance the liberal agenda and get caught there is no cover. Here is the link. One of so very many. 


  Nord Stream lobbyists helped whip support for Blinken during nomination | Fox News

....That was terrible Barbour BGR Group went full Liberal Supporter. And it gets worse because they also tried to hide what they are doing from us. 


Lobbyists for Putin’s Pipeline Dodge Foreign Agent Laws (


....OK My friends we have a lot to cover. But our very freedom is at stake. Please realize that I wish what I found was different. But it is not. Now we must team together and save our State so we can have a real voice saving our Country. 



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