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      ....Well, here we are at week 4 of 10. I hope you are getting a sense that we are hardly in charge of anything, that a rogue political family is using our resources and our political base as their own completely to enrich themselves. I've said this many times and will once again. The people in our Mississippi Republican Party are great folks, and do everything they can to work hard for this state. But having said this, they are being manipulated by some slick grifters.  ....Barbour and family as you have seen by all the sources we have presented so far are tied to Global interests and is an active kingpin pulling strings as a principal actor in these scams and political agendas. .....This week we will go to KIOR. This is a Venture Capitalist's dream and so we have heavyweights on the board like Condalisa Rice and Bill Gates. But we have a special link from overseas that shows that much of the fleecing of Mississippi is done covertly. These Are not just business deals that failed, in many cases, they seemed to be planned failures. As we hope Mscivicsproject.org grows and builds a deeper bench of dedicated researchers we will be able to chase the real bottom of the corruption. I'm one person with ten years invested in this project. But just me alone is homing in on Political RICO investigations. This looks to me to be at least 7 Billion Dollars we have lost to their activities.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ......We start at the end and a Bankruptcy where you will see Names like Bill gates. And I used our own Jackson Free Press article so it was more down-home and personal. Plus it lets you know =We locally are not unaware of what is happening so why are we still electing Wicker and allowing Barbour's access to our MSGOP?<<<<Source>>>          KiOR Files for Bankruptcy, but Not Miss. Unit | Jackson Free Press | Jackson, MS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ......Here are 60 Minutes flat out saying that Barbours partner in this and other issues like Kemper are not just risky but have a track record of failures. My view is that they do fundraising from these failures and as we will see it is insanely profitable. Yet we still get stuck with the initial failure and there are no real efforts to even salvage these failures so we can recover anything. Here we were on the hook for about 90 Million the same as GreenTech Automotive. Just to clarify, Vinod Khosla the Co-Founder of Sun Microsystems is Haley Barbour's partner along with Gov. Terry McAuliffe former head of the Democrat DNC.  <<<<Source>>>>>  '60 Minutes' cleantech segment full of errors: Investor Khosla | International Business News | Zee News (india.com) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ .....Now, this is an interesting take on KIOR by our own Clarion-Ledger.  <<<Source>>>> Texas company KiOR hoodwinked Mississippi for $75M, documents show (clarionledger.com) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ....This overview addresses more than one Khosla/Barbour loss to our state. It pretty much says =The state should not be in commercial enterprises period. And I agree 100%. <<<Source>>>> Tax Dollars Down the Drain – Bigger Pie Forum ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ....Now we need to understand the money we lose is not part of the money's that they make. Here is 200 in Grants. So in essence we have no idea how much money we have lost. But none of it is applied to reimbursing us for these losses. There are more investors and Grants, I'm just trying to show the pattern.   <<<<Source>>>>     Jackson Jambalaya: State Auditor: MDA blew nearly $200 million on failed projects (kingfish1935.blogspot.com)****** .....Here is an interesting yet right-on-target comment on this issue. Which of course just underlines the corrupt nature of how business is done in Mississippi.  <<<<Comment>>>> That's an odd way of calculating return on investment. Most entities that invest money would calculate return on investment using cash flows out and cash flows in. Just because the people who got the money invested another $8 billion doesn't mean that the state had cash flows. ROI would be calculated on the money the state spent vs. the tax receipts attributable to the expenditures. If this is the way MDA calculates ROI, this is a very good reason they shouldn't be investing. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ......Now For the real big bucks. I found this by accident from one of my "Overseas" chat buddies who also does research. This is going to rock your world. Now I don't have a figure on how many investors [If Any] but this Publication is for wealthy overseas investors. So it makes it unregulated in the US. The bottom line is that if they only sold one, they still stuck us with the 90+ million dollar failure here in Mississippi. <<<<Source; the area to look is at the bottom of the page. >>>>    Bagasse – the Big Prize : Biofuels Digest ...This is the highlighted area we need to focus on. Here they are selling investors in our KIOR at a 1.6 Billion dollar level. <<<<Source>>>>   The path less traveled: KiOR Take KiOR, for example, an outstanding technology using Southern pine to make cellulosic biofuels, at scale, at impressive margins. It’s $250 million per pop for a KiOR plant, the feedstock costs $72 per bone dry ton, and there are a couple of hundred million tonnes available. It’s a value proposition that has a lot of investors salivating. You get Haley Barbour and Vinod Khosla as your partners – not bad at all. Costs you $1.6 billion to own that seat at the “future of energy” table. You get about 1 percent of, say, Facebook, for that. Compare Codexis. The feedstock is already paid for in the cane harvest, there are ultimately more than a billion tones available. You get Shell and M&G as your partners. Costs you $160 million to own that seat. Now, KiOR’s model – build, own, operate, will control more of the value-chain, and more of the margin. But you could just about buy Codexis (at today’s “affordable” share prices) for the money that Khosla and friends pumped into Range Fuels. Now, that may well prove to be one of the most affordable seats at the Final Table in the World Biofuels Scale-Up Shootout that will ever come around. It’s what the US spends on oil imports in, say, a six-hour stretch.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~` ...I look forward to everyone's comments. So far I'm getting calls instead of Comments. People can not believe what they are reading. This is just a small sampling. We are waiting for people to start their own groups with their own researchers. You literally will be saving the future of our State and Country.  .....Look for us to come forward again next Monday. We need to see the level of Global and democratic involvement in our state. 

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    ...The first week was the Ukraine financial feeding frenzy that Lobby Groups and Congress used to get rich together but also started working together in cross Party corruption. Mississippi has always had corruption but this is the lynchpin where we started down the path of two Party Collusion and then Globalist control of our very legislators both State and Federal.  ....Second Week was the current corruption and blending of the Political Parties and globalists. And a view into the Globalist interactions........Now we are going back again to Barbour, McAuliffe, Obama, Clinton's, Vinod Khosla, Charles Wang, Anthony Rodham, and Huawei in an absolute fleecing of our state's resources. This was repeated 5 times in other state-backed commercial businesses for about 7 Billion in lost funds and opportunities. .........So the first Link is from a Research Reporting Thinktank. I believe it was started by Mark Levin.<<<<Source>>>>          130922-REPORT-Final-GreenTech-Automotive-FINALIZED.pdf (causeofaction.org) *************.....Now in this long and dry overview, you will see lots of interactions with Barbour and McAuliffe and government officials and Departments. You will see our Senators Thad Cochran and Roger Wicker collude with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Director Alejandro Mayorkas into fast-tracking EB-5 visa applications for the company. They also with Hillary's Brother Tony Rodham took about 141 Million in an EB-5 Elite Green Card Scam. This thing is an evil gumbo of corruption all over Mississippi.  ......I know this is a long read. But please get serious and you will understand as we go through this series how we have been tricked and literally robbed of our resources, Barbour is a Globalist. Our state leaders support his BGR lobby group with legislation. I do not care if you went to school or Church with these leaders, Golf with Them, or financially support them. Read Barbour's Client lists= That is what and who they support. You are on your own.  <<<<Source Barbour/BGR lobby Client List>>>> https://projects.propublica.org/represent/lobbying/search?fields%5B%5D=_all&page=1&search=bgr+AND+government+AND+affairs ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ .....Now from here after reading this PDF on GreenTech we will get links to The EB-5 platform that was run by Hillary's brother Tony Rodham.  <<<<Source>>>> https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/mcauliffes-car-company-echoes-romney-bain/story?id=19905426 .....So as you read this be aware that these articles are describing more about DNC Head Terry McAuliffe than Barbour. This article is from Aug. 2013. We have the Clinton's, Obama's, The Chinese, and others. But by 2015 Barbour is fully up to speed and a major world stage player. That is also when you start to see our already corrupt local politicians get more focused and our losses become greater while our freedom and opportunities become less.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ....Aug.2013 Business Insider. This stuff as you see has drifted off into criminality and we are still reelecting these people and the entire criminal apparatus. <<<<<Business Insider Source Article>>    GreenTech Automotive (businessinsider.com) ......Now we make a jump from GreenTech to A deal DNC Head / Gov of Virginia Terry McAuliffe is involved in. But what you don't yet see and will take more than our 10 week Series is that there is a Global Network just harvesting money like crackheads. Including real crackheads like Hunter. If you look closely at Barbours /BGR's Client list you will see they are always working together. And Right now you are seeing Trillions being moved around as we are being literally sold into a slavery of shifting power. The Constitution is being replaced by Socialist/Communist rule. Barbour is not mentioned in these next three article sources. But I can cover that later. <<<<<Source Iran Energy and Pentagon Financial Theft >>>>>  United States | Anham: CRIMINALLY INVESTIGATED BY PENTAGON FOR FINANCING IRANIAN REVOLUTIONARY GUARDS WITH US TAXPAYER DOLLARS (wordpress.com) .....OK, when you read this you do see that it is directed at Bagram Air Base among other areas. Look at Barbours Client list brimming with Military clients that will become important later. And a real teaser =Three Trillion dollars worth of Lithium was left to the Chinese and Russians as we left. So let's see more on these overseas Billions. <<<<DOJ Criminal Court Dockets>>>>    Three Senior Executives at Defense Contracting Firms Charged with Scheme to Defraud the U.S. Military in Connection with $8 Billion Troop Supply Contract and with Violating the Iran Sanctions Regime | OPA | Department of Justice ....So the notes on this DOJ action seem to be about people we are not interested in at all, just a bunch of names of foreigners. So here is the clue = Barbour was investigated about doing business with Iran and Terry McAuliffe and his wife were on the board of the construction group that is named in this DOJ investigation and prosecution. .....We are voting for evil. Evil is stealing our state and our country. We have qualified researchers besides me. We have tammy Cupit who does Human Trafficking and Pedophilia, and we have Mary Jo Perry From MPVR who covers vaccines and medical issues. .......The purpose of Mscivicsproject is to make us all an educated team. Strong locally in politics and able to break free from the corruption and power accumulation that will enslave us if we do not act boldly and soon.    ######Next Week KIOR######     

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