0 Global Politics and Mississippi. Direct Cause and Effect

  • by Robert Kenney
  • 09.09.2021
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 ..What is our Government doing? And what should we expect?

Two Examples #1)
#2)Mitch McConnell =His Father Law Owns the Chinese Communist Shipping company.
Mitch McConnell and his family have extensive ties to China. His father-in-law who founded and owns a large Chinese shipping company has given Mitch and his wife millions of dollars over the years.
....The bad behavior of our government is because 100% we gave them permission. We long ago abdicated the "Civics" which is being involved. Our Churches and our schools are now indoctrination agents of the state. Even the few Churches that resist are quiet about it. 
  ....McConnel says no Because we are looking at things concerning us with an eye that has been manipulated. Now I research pretty much Mississippi because my group believes you must have control of your local politics before you can have a voice in national politics
. ......But what has happened is that as we research Barbour and our entire corrupt structure we see the collusion of Globalists and other political enclaves across the country involved. So you need a link that can help clarify what I'm showing us. Now in this link, you will see that Barbour is working for Biden's interests and against The Republican Party's interests. Read the Sqrib letter, with the signers being most interesting. Now Wicker votes for the confirmation of both Mayorkas and Blinken. But as you see in this article The Barbour Group is representing both the Russians and The pipeline.
....A Washington D.C.-based political firm that lobbies on behalf of the company behind Russia's Nord Stream 2 pipeline. Also helped pressure a key Republican Senator to support Sec. of State Anthony Blinken's confirmation. Fox News has learned.
....Still, the fact that the same firm lobbying on behalf of the pipeline was also promoting Blinken's confirmation is likely to raise questions from Republicans on Capitol Hill. Blinken is slated to appear before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Tuesday.    
.....This little Blurb will be interesting when you know that Burt is closely aligned with Barbour & BGR, according to reporting on Russia, China, Ukraine, oil, and political drama for years. Also interesting that Barbour BGR has represented everyone on all sides. Russia, China, Ukraine, India, and many Middle Eastern countries. 
.... May 30, 2021, The DNC reports it is refunding Burts contributions to Biden's Victory after an inquiry from the New York Post following an "Open Secrets Reporting". Multiple requests to contact the Biden campaign were not returned. 
...I know this is a lot and very complicated. That is the reason everyone has lots of questions. It also goes back to the original post discussion.= Why is McConnell voting against Impeachment and why is the President hiding the truth from us?  
.....Well, you can't have a bumper sticker answer from 10 years of research and 100 years of bad politics. 
....So I hope you see why builds local groups. We do it to diffuse the power of government on us and confuse the overwhelming and complicated corrupt political structure that has been built without our consent. Plus The Researcher Teams are there to crunch the numbers and info that the regular people just do not have the time to go through. It's just too much but you need it to make sound decisions.
.....Ok here is the last link, but extremely important. We now know that Barbour represented the Russian Noird Pipeline. Even as he was representing the Ukrainian Government and their Oil and Gas interests. He is playing all sides it seems. Just like it looks to be here in Mississippi. Remember the Flag? 
....But this link shows that he covers up what he is doing knowingly because there is a pattern. In this case, he did not disclose immediately his representation of the Russian pipeline. This is the same behavior observed in the representation he did with "Uranium One" that involved Hillary Clinton and eventually the sale of Nuclear stockpiles to our Enemies.
......Y'all are asking good questions. You're just slowly coming to realize that the Tea Party Concept is not structured to be an answer in today's political turmoil. But Neither is MSGOP. Right now we are working on what is "Fundable" not on what is "Solvable".       


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          Global Politics and Mississippi. Direct Cause and Effect