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....Last week we started to expose how Haley Barbour and others Globally, Nationally, and here in Mississippi started to expand the corruption that has always been a part of Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama. 

.....Corruption has never been OK, and of course, there are always losers and the oppression that comes with corruption thuggery. But it has been around for so long that huge numbers of people benefitted, and no one really saw a way to stop it. 
.....But when Haley Barbour, Trent Lott, and others went to Ukraine, the corruption took on a new level of evil, and there were much fewer locals who had any benefit. Outside interests were insatiable and non-negotiable. 
.....So last week we saw the beginning story of Ukraine and some of the players. Next week we will go back to the start of Greentech and the place where Mississippi was put on the treadmill. Where we lost our state and about a 7+Billion dollars to Barbour's new friends. The Globalists, The Democrats, and The Marxists. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
.......So Number one when Biden got in office he stopped the Keystone pipeline, 250,000 jobs, and gas pricing went nuts. 
          Biden Greenlights Russian Pipeline After Shutting Down Keystone (
......Next Barbour was right there with his part of Russian Businesses he represented to get the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline operating and sending the gas, oil, and financial stability of the country into a tailspin. But here we see that Barbour and company failed to register as Foreign Agents as required. That seems to happen a lot with BGR, they also were involved representing Uranium One and didn't register for that either. More on that story later.for now this article:
....Barbour Helps Biden and Democrats: Now the story is going to take an unusual twist. From the article:=[ Still, the fact that the same firm lobbying on behalf of the pipeline was also promoting Blinken’s confirmation is likely to raise questions from Republicans on Capitol Hill. Blinken is slated to appear before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Tuesday.
>>>>So we see that Barbour used his substantial political power to bring serious Republican influences to bear to get Blinken confirmed, which of course gave us ultimately the insanity in Afghanistan. And Barbour also helped get his friend Alejandro Mayorkas Confirmed which gave us the open border invasion we now have. Literally Millions of illegals.    
....Now last week we start with the beginning of Barbour's rise to power which is completely different than a benevolent Mississippi leader who loves his state. Now, this week we jumped way ahead to see the manifestations of raw greed and power and how we have become pawns. It gets exponentially worse from here.
.....The people controlled by the Barbour "Family Political Machine" have taken our freedom, our choices, and their incompetence has led to the same types of societal breakdowns we would expect in Chicago, Detroit, or St.Louis. Below is a story from last night in Belhaven. An ex-City Councilman's Daughter and her family. She is a News person and this was close to our State Run UMMC Hospital. 
.....Not only can we stop this, but they have already committed what I believe to be RICO level activities and Unconstitutional acts. I believe they can be removed. But it's time for us to do the work of putting our state back in the hands of the people.        
Allen got robbed: Is this the Mississippi we are striving to create? I hope not. 


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          <<<Week 2 of the 10 week series>>>>